This page will be used to inform SCARE members and other retirees of information related to their health insurance benefits through Sonoma County and to a variety of types of insurance through Pacific Group Agencies. If the words are in blue and underlined, they are a link. Click on it to get to another web page or to documents.

Call Board member Phyris Tobler at 707 795-6926 if you have questions.

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Available through Sonoma County Human Resources Department:

You can change your health insurance plan once a year at annual enrollment. You can also change it when you qualify for Medicare. You should contact the Human Resources Department Benefits Unit at 707 565-2900 as soon as you get your Medicare card.

Information on all benefits available through Sonoma County are available at Sonoma County Human Resources Retiree Benefits. These include health, dental, vision and life insurance.

If you qualify for Medicare, the plans available to you are Anthem, Kaiser, Western Health Advantage and the AARP/UnitedHealthcare plan. If you are covering a spouse, that person must also be 65 or older to qualify for the AARP/UnitedHealthcare plan. If you choose Anthem, your spouse under 65 would remain on the County Health Plan.

Care Counsel is available to help you at annual enrollment or at any other time if you are not sure which plan to choose or if you have other questions about your health insurance, need to find a doctor, or need help with a claim or dispute you are having with your insurance company. You can reach Care Counsel at 888 227-3334.

Insurance Available through Pacific Group Agencies:

SCARE members have a variety of types of insurance available to them through Pacific Group Agencies. These are offered at discounted group rates and are only available to SCARE members and their families. You have to pay for them yourself and can select any you want. They include dental, vision, legal shield, ID shield, pet, travel, accident, hearing and others. Dental and vision are only offered at open enrollment and you can only enroll at that time. The open enrollment period coincides with the County Annual Enrollment so that you can compare plans. You can enroll in all the other types of insurance any time you want. For more information on each of these plans, including the cost, go to Pacific Group Agencies insurance for SCARE members. The application for the insurance is at the end of the booklet.